Benefits & Qualifications

By joining CREW San Antonio and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.

As a CREW San Antonio member, you also have access to all CREW Network benefits:

  • Exclusive access to CREWbiz, an online business networking tool, membership directory, speakers’ directory and personal marketing profile.
  • Discounted registration to the CREW Network Convention & Marketplace and CREW Network Leadership Summits
  • Exclusive access to programs and leadership trainings, including the CREW Network Certificate in Leadership
  • Complimentary copy of all CREW Network industry research benchmark studies and white papers
  • Access to hundreds of industry job postings and career assistance through the CREW Network Career Center
  • Monthly luncheons and special events that include networking opportunities with high-level CRE professionals in the San Antonio CRE community
  • Member-only site tours of local projects and educational series
  • Board/committee participation which provides a unique opportunity to increase your leadership skills and expand your network

Every CREW member contributes to the collective knowledge, experience, and voice of both the CREW San Antonio and CREW Network. We welcome all industry leaders who meet the following requirements:

  • Experience: The individual must have at least five years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.
  • Employment: The individual must be currently employed in a full-time professional position in one or more of the CREW Network Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE).

New Member Roadmap

Who is eligible to join?

Active Members are individuals who are integrally and actively participating in a decision-making process of negotiating commercial real estate transactions or providing other services directly related to commercial real estate transactions. Generally, active members are employed in industries in which 50% or more of their income is derived from commercial real estate activities.

Provisional Members are individuals who meet all requirements of an Active Member except that they have only been in the commercial real estate profession for a period of less than two (2) years prior to making application to CREW. Provisional Members in good standing may participate in the affairs and committees of CREW but shall not have the right to chair a committee, vote or hold an office. Upon having been a commercial real estate professional for at least two (2) years, a Provisional Member will be reclassified as an Active Member.

Affiliate Members are individuals who actively market their services to the commercial real estate industry, but are not directly part of a real estate transaction.

Retired Members are existing members who have fully retired from their profession in the commercial real estate community, but who still want to be involved and share their knowledge and expertise.

Student Members are individuals currently enrolled full-time as undergraduate students at an accredited college, university, or educational institution, pursuing a professional degree that will enable them to secure a position in one of the qualified fields of commercial real estate, upon completion. Membership status and qualifications for student members will be reviewed annually. Student Members may participate on committees, but will not be able to vote, chair a committee, or serve on the Board of Directors.

Questions about your eligibility for membership? Contact Lisa Mochel, Membership Director at or (210) 694-7815 X 108 for more information.

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